A Very Special Birthday
A Very Special Birthday

A Very Special Birthday for a Remarkable Lady

We at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel love to hear from you. It is through your comments and interaction that we can see what we’ve done right, and where we need to improve. If you have any ideas as to how we can improve your Guest/Player experience, we’d love to hear them. After all, YOU are the reason we’ve been voted #1 Casino in Arizona 16 years in a row!

Here is a lovely letter we received from a very special woman who visited us not long after her 101st birthday. When you are in the hospitality business, this is the kind of note that makes everything worthwhile:

Dear Family of Cliff Castle Casino.

I am writing this on behalf of my mother who turned 101 in March of this year. She loves to play t he slot machines and would come every day if she could. She dictated the following letter to me as she can no longer see well enough to write herself:

I would like to say a belated Thank You for the surprise celebration for my 101st birthday. I was visiting the casino in April, actually a month after my birthday. We were in the Mountain Springs Buffet when Derek approached us and asked if I had had my birthday this year. When I told him it was last month and that I was 101 years old he said, "Give me 10 Minutes." In a few minutes he brought us a delicious

desert to share. He must have alerted others in the casino because shortly after that another employee brought me balloons and a goody bag of casino trinkets. We also had our picture taken. My daughter and I were very surprised.

As we were leaving the buffet we were asked to go to the casino club office. When we arrived there they took our picture again, gave me another goody bag, put some money on our player’s cards and announced over the loud speaker that I was celebrating my 101st birthday. After that announcement many, many people in the casino (when they saw the balloons attached to my wheel chair) came up to me asking if I was the birthday girl. They bid me good wishes, happy birthday, and God’s blessings all the rest of that day in the casino. Everyone smiled at us and.made me feel very special.

Thank you is such a small phrase but I really mean it. We had a wonderful day made possible by Dione, Amy, and Derek. I am sure there were more who helped that day to make my surprise so wonderful but I don’t know their names.

I say a thank you to them as well. Everyone at Cliff Castle is always so friendly to us and we love you all! You’re the greatest and I love to visit often. I pray that my health will let me continue to come as often as I can.


Marie A Drew

Marie, it was our pleasure to help make your 101st birthday a time to remember. We enjoyed it as much as you did. Thank you and your daughter for sending us this wonderful note.

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