When you win, we win! And the Castle has so many ways to help you win!

Wedding, a Birthday, and a Jackpot


What’s better than winning? Nothing, that’s what! When was the last time you heard someone say, “Yay, I didn’t win?” Well, here at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel we like to celebrate winning too. We have so many opportunities for players to win. We have promotional events, some with grand prizes such as cars, vacations or good old cash – lots of cash!!.

There are slot machine and poker tournaments which we will host a few times per year. There are wheel spin events, where our Castle Club Members will accumulate entries and be chosen through a drawing and promotions that last a little longer, like Football Madness, where we give smaller, but very cool prizes, such as football jerseys, leading up to larger prizes like tickets to the really big games at the end of the season.

Then, of course, there are the regular, everyday winners. And when we say regular, we say it because people are always winning at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel. We take slots to a whole new level with special rewards, giveaways and other unexpected ways to win even more. Only one thing could make all the winning sweeter. Winning on your favorite slot machine. We have winners of all kinds, and they win from local favorites to state-wide progressives, such as Walking Dead and Wheel of Fortune. With a Castle Club membership, your ways of winning increase dramatically, from monthly free gift items to meal deals and other surprises. The gifts and winning opportunities go up even more at our higher Castle Club card levels.

Here is a list of our most recent winners:

Nikki R.
Robyn F.
Christina F.
Ivyland, PA
Christopher L.
Jody W.
Spring Valley
Troy L.
Benjamin M.
Pamela T.
Palm Springs, CA
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