Comedy at the Castle
Back by popular demand! Comedy takes center stage at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel! First Tuesday each month, Dragonfly plays host to comedic acts guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. The laughs start at 7p.
Comedy at the Castle

Comedic acts appear monthly at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel
Date: First Thursday each month
Time: Starts at 7:00pm. Admission: Free

Dragonfly Nightclub – Live music, dancing and fun every Friday & Saturday night starting at 9pm. No Cover Charge. Casino Directions

Comedy at the Castle

The Dragonfly becomes the Perfect Place to Laugh! Cliff Castle Casino Hotel welcomes you to Comedy at the Castle! We feature different comedians and comedy acts each month to add to the wide variety of entertainment options available at Cliff Castle.

August 2nd

David Storrow

Daniel Storrow started doing stand up comedy in the early part of the 21st century. He performs all over the US and currently lives in Los Angeles. His comedy is often described as intelligent, fun, and broadly appealing, and consists mostly of observational humor, mixed with stories from his life. Daniel loves to find the funny in everyday situations that most people experience every day but haven’t thought about. He’s been featured on TV and in several upcoming movies. He believes in world peace and hopes everyone can one day just chill out.


Todd Johnson

To most people, growing up in Idaho isn’t a life changing experience (well duh). But that is where Todd Johnson’s comedy got its start (I thought it was at crispy creme). At a very young age, Todd learned to laugh at himself (everyone did), as well as those around him. During the early years of school, Todd was very quiet and chose to practice his comedy on cows, sheep, and other barnyard animals (I’m not going to even comment). Telling knock-knock jokes and one-liners to Holsteins quickly proved boring (so he ate em). After graduating and realizing that life existed outside of Idaho and its animals (it took him 18 years to figure that out), Todd learned that people laughed at his jokes. And a comedian was born. Growing up in Idaho familiarized Todd with a variety of things. His observations of life’s experiences are funny (especially when he’s talking about himself), not in the way you would expect them to be, especially coming from a simple-minded boy from Idaho. His clean humor and the way he puts a mental image in your mind make you see a different side of life.

September 6th

The Always Dangerous Dougie Almeida

Hailing from Queens, New York, Dougie Almeida spent most of his adult life as a corporate presenter for one of the largest financial planning firms in the country. His specialty was taking lifeless insurance presentations and transforming them into works of comic art. In his spare time, he fought as an ISKA Heavyweight Muay Thai Kick boxer, retiring at 10-0 and earning the title “Always Dangerous”. So, what do you get when you cross an inventive corporate executive with a retired kick boxer? A stand-up comedian, of course! Winner of Improv’s New Faces of Comedy, Miami’s Comedy Idol, participant in Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Gilda’s Laugh Fest, Cleveland Comedy Festival, Cape May Comedy Festival and the World Series of Comedy. Dougie Almeida has quickly integrated himself into the fabric of the national comedy scene as one of its most sought after feature comedians. Prior to taking the stage, Dougie gauges his audience, reaches into his vault and prepares his onslaught of humor. Once on stage, he delivers blow after blow of hilarity, hitting the audience with punch line after punch line. His wit and stage presence is second to none. One thing is always certain – Dougie Almeida will KNOCK YOU OUT! Dougie Almeida is Always Funny, Always Professional, and yes, Always Dangerous.

Davey Wester

Davey was born in Minnesota & and raised in Ephrata, Washington… population 6808. Passed by Mitzi Shore at Hollywood’s Comedy Store, Davey is a unique presence in today’s comedy scene. He brings an honesty to the stage which everyone can relate to, and his performances are sure to stay with the audience long after his performance. Davey has appeared on Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, The Comedy Store Podcast and several Death Squad podcasts. He has performed with many of today’s top comedians including Bret Ernst, Ian Edwards, and Russell Peters. Davey is currently on tour all across America.

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