Comedy at the Castle
Back by popular demand! Comedy takes center stage at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel! First and third Thursday each month, Dragonfly plays host to comedic acts guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. The laughs start at 7p.
Comedy at the Castle

Back by popular demand! Comedy takes center stage at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel! First and third Thursday each month, Dragonfly plays host to comedic acts guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. The laughs start at 7p.

Comedic acts appear monthly at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel
Date: First and third Thursday each month
Time: Starts at 7:00pm. Admission: Free

Dragonfly Nightclub – Live music, dancing and fun every Friday & Saturday night starting at 9pm. No Cover Charge. Casino Directions

Comedy at the Castle

The Dragonfly becomes the Perfect Place to Laugh! Cliff Castle Casino Hotel welcomes you to Comedy at the Castle! We feature different comedians and comedy acts twice each month to add to the wide variety of entertainment options available at Cliff Castle. Shows are twice each month, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, starting at 7p, and are FREE! Come in and laugh at us. Or with us.

November 21st

Norm Stulz

Norm Stulz It was Bob Saget who contacted Norm and asked him to come to California to film a spot for the CBS Morning Comedy series he was hosting at the time. It was 1987 and Norm took to the sky to find Hollywood for the first of many times.

Bud Freidman from the Improv in Los Angeles was a judge in Detroit for The Johnny Walker Comedy Competition. This was the midwest regional finals, before televised shows, and “producers” having a word on who was the best. Just a good old live comic verses comic throw down. Norm not only won the competition, Bud himself asked Norm to come to Los Angeles to film an episode of An Evening at the Improv for the A & E Network.

As winner of the Johnny Walker contest, Norm and other regional winners were sponsored by National Lampoon and flown to Las Vegas to film the National Competition for Showtime Network. Norm worked with Leslie Neilsen. The award winning CBS television show filmed a documentary entitled “Survival of the Funniest” and Erin Moriarty followed Norm through a normal day in his life.  The film crew followed Norm as he shopped, ate and prepared for the evenings competition in Detroit. Norm won that competition and the show aired before the Showtime special. Norm has appeared on many local television commercials and comedy specials.

Corporate America has found Norm Stulz as well. Norm has performed for hundreds of corporations such as  General Motors, General Foods, Westinghouse, Dow Chemical, the FBI, National Sheriff’s Convention, along with numerous others. The ability to hit any language parameter allows Norm to perform for audiences in any setting, from a fourth grade schoolroom to a gated senior center.

Erik Escobar

Erik Escobar is a comedian who has performed all over the United States at clubs, colleges, and theatres independently, with the Almost Asian Comedy Tour, and opening for acts such as Rex Navarrete and Jerry Seinfeld. You can catch him on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, Buzzfeed, VH1, and the upcoming feature film VHYes alongside Tim Robbins and Thomas Lennon. He is currently perusing his Masters in Fine Arts in Comedy Theory and Studies at Goddard College and resides in Los Angeles, CA with his shih tzu, Rancor.


December 5th

Sid Davis

When Sid Davis steps on the stage, he looks like your high school math teacher, but that opinion quickly changes as his infectious, hilarious and conversational style takes over the room.

Born in a small farm town in Southwestern Ohio, his moderate case of A.D.D. drove most of his ill-informed teachers to stifle his creativity. In college, when exposed to new and free-thinking friends, Sid’s vivid imagination blossomed.

Sid’s first job as a small radio station copywriter/ad salesman frustrated him. He walked. When arriving home to tell his new bride he was unemployed, she informed him that he was going to be a father.

If you ever wondered why guys become insurance agents…that’s it!

Through the years of raising a family and transforming from an insurance agent to an airline mechanic, Sid yearned to flex his creative skills. He joined Toastmasters and quickly won North Carolina’s statewide humorous speaking contests.

He attended many comedy shows at Charlotte’s nationally known Comedy Zone and was beckoned to enroll in one of their comedy classes for people…. “Who think they are funny.”

After a fantastic graduation performance…in front of his friends.., the Comedy Zone invited Sid back to do a guest set in front of a real/paying audience…of folks that were not his friends and…he ate it! 
It was Sid’s first lesson about audience connection.

After working very hard Sid established himself a go-to emcee for local shows in the Charlotte areas.

In early 2008, Sid moved up to performing in the feature spot and crossed paths with influential mentors such as Cowboy Bill Martin, Julie Scoggins, Mark Eddie, Colin Moulton… to name a few.

”I consider everyone I work with a mentor,” professes Sid in a recent Toastmasters Magazine interview. “Even the comics that don’t parallel my particular style have a lot to offer; especially when you see them do multiple shows and adapt and connect to a variety of audiences.”

Todd Link

Todd Link is a 15 year veteran of comedy and has toured overseas entertaining the troops. He has been seen on Comedy Central and ShowTime. You can find him performing at casinos and comedy clubs across the country.


December 19th

Murray Valeriano

MURRAY VALERIANO got his start in comedy at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California. During that time, Murray honed his writing and performing skills as a stand up and by performing with his sketch group HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Inevitably word got out about Murray and television came calling. He signed a deal to shoot a half hour pilot based on his sketch show and stand up. Unfortunately, the pilot never made it any further than the network’s desk, but it launched Murray’s career as a comedian and a writer.

Since then, Murray has traveled the country performing in clubs, colleges and theaters. He has opened for Christopher Titus, George Lopez, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Pollack, Robert Schimmel and several others. Murray has also been seen performing on Comedy Central, NBC, VH1, MTV, CMT and countless commercials. He has been featured on National Lampoon Radio, After Midnight on KLOS radio and the 5 O’clock Funnies. Murray is also very proud to have worked with Comic Relief at the American Comedy Festival and on Comic’s Relief special on NBC. Murray’s one-man show THE MURRAY VALERIANO EXPERIENCE Ð which had six people in it – was taped at the HBO Workspace.

As a writer, Murray has written for just about every network on basic cable. VH1, Comedy Central, ABC Family, E!. At MTV he wrote for “Web-Riot” one of the first TV shows to combine the internet and television. Rolling Stone magazine called it “… a perfect combination of music trivia and comedy.” He also went on to write for the music based show, “Farmclub” on the USA network. Rolling Stone didn’t have anything good to say about it, but Murray got to work with some the greatest musicians of this generation including Beck, Dr. Dre, No Doubt, Snoop Dog and U2.

When Reality TV started to take over the airwaves, Murray decided to try to do something positive with the genre. He created the award winning show “Cold Turkey” for NBC studios. It was a show that helped… or tricked people into quitting smoking. It ran for two seasons and won the prestigious Prism Award for Best Non-Scripted Show.

Andrew Rose

Born in Texas and raised in Oklahoma, Andrew started his comedy career in the summer of 2012. He crafts his jokes to mirror the likes of his influences in his life such as Demetri Martin, Jimmy Carr, & Mitch Hedberg. Giving one-liners, and short stories about his life in Oklahoma and the trials and tribulations of a crazy family and dating life of a young 20 – something gives crowds a great experience to tell friends about. His demeanor and boyish good looks hook the crowd in with the thought of southern humor but only to turn heads when he tackles more creative material in the form of puns, plays on words, and rhetorical questions that leave the crowd laughing all night.

Andrew is a local host at the Loony Bin Franchise based in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. He started touring with The World Series of Comedy across the United States, as a host and right hand man to the owner. He currently lives in Oklahoma and is ready to take the comedy bull by the horns so he can finally stop working in kitchens and burning his damned hands.

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