Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis

Music Type: Variety
Date: September 6th – 7th, 2019
Time: 7p-10p

Dragonfly Nightclub – Live music, dancing and fun every Friday & Saturday night starting at 9pm. No Cover Charge. Casino Directions

Sammy Davis

Chicago native Sammy Davis has been performing around Sedona for quite a while, and he has built up a loyal and adoring fan base. He has played all over the world, and his charismatic, friendly stage presence is more than just an act. He is a nice man who just radiates joy and is a real treasure. It is nearly impossible to have a bad time at a Sammy Davis Band performance; if his infectious enthusiasm doesn’t get to you, then the great tunes will. He plays covers, and his versatile singing voice covers all the bases. His song repertoire is guaranteed to get you out of your seat to dance. He is often mistakenly billed as a performer of Motown songs. While Sammy certainly does perform a lot of them, he also is fond of performing songs by Prince, and does many a Prince number in his act. He will sing a song such as “Brick House” by the Commodores, and will tear the house down.

If you’re in the area and willing, he may even invite you to sing a line or two! Not as well-known about Sammy is that his background is more rock and roll than soul. He also performs many rock songs in his show, and he handles them with conviction and sincerity. Another fun part of watching him perform is his suit changes. He usually does about three per show. The very definition of a nice, romantic evening would be having dinner at Storytellers, then popping over to the Dragonfly for drinks and dancing with Sammy Davis.

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