ORBITs Arcade
Show off your mad arcade skills!

ORBITs Arcade

$10 Bowling Special

2 Games (shoes not included) PLUS 20 Minute Orbits Arcade Card (Not for Photo Booth).

Battle aliens. Shoot hoops. Race cars. Save the world. Conquer the Universe while you’re at it. You can do it all at Orbits Arcade. With over 42 of the most popular high-action games, it’s no wonder that kids of all ages agree that this place rules! Open 24 hours a day. Located next to Shake, Rattle & Bowl. An adult must accompany kids under 12.

ORBITs Arcade roster of games
What would a kid’s paradise be without a video arcade? It’s here and it’s big. With all of the latest games, ORBITs is sure to keep them going. Check out all the great games we have.

Pick your car and track and get ready for some off-road style sand rail racing, use the turbo button to make it through the loop to loops and be first to make it to the finish line.

Terminator Salvation
Help save the world from the invading alien machines. Immerse yourself in this action-packed, high intensity game for two players, using rifles with vibration, on a 42″ LCD screen. You won’t want to quit.

Boat racing game with turbo boost. Race your way through some wild and crazy waterways, avoid obstacles, launch off ramps, destroy other boats in your way, and do air time stunts. Choose from several wild and futuristic boats and water courses, with graphics in this game you have to see to believe.

Super Bikes
Sit on a motorcycle style seat, leaning left to right to maneuver a road course, do flips, spins, and air time tricks. Oh and did I mention TURBO BOOST? Brag to your buddies and race them head-to-head on two linked games.

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