Shake Rattle & Bowl
Lots of fun at our rockin' & rollin' 20-lane bowling center. Check it out! Or call 928-567-7950 for info.


Shake Rattle & Bowl

$10 Bowling Special

2 Games (shoes not included) PLUS 20 Minute Orbits Arcade Card (Not for Photo Booth).

20 Lanes of Fun

Shake, Rattle & Bowl is always a rocking good time. But during Cosmic Bowling on Friday and Saturday nights, the fun skyrockets – we turn off the lights, pump up the volume, and the whole place glows with space-themed neon colors. It’s a blast for parties. The fun keeps rolling with leagues, group parties and tournaments. There’s also a pro shop overflowing with equipment, clothes and specialty bowling balls. There are even a couple of very cool touch-screen video games to pass the time between frames. Need a drink, soda or quick snack between games? We’ve got vending machines, and The Eleventh Frame. For group outings, hours, and rates, please call (928) 567-7950. An adult must accompany kids under 12.

Hours 9a-Midnight, Open 7 days. For additional info, call (928)-567-7950
Regular Bowling $4.00 per game/per person • Shoe Rental $2.00
Bowling Hourly Rate: $22/hr (up to 8 people on one lane), shoes included
Corporate Rate/ group (9+ bowlers): Time Bowling $20/hr, shoes included. This rate requires 7 days’ notice to reserve lanes.

Senior Rate $1.50 per game/per person/$1 shoes
Military Rate $1.50 per game/per person/$1 shoes
Team Member Rate $2.00 per game/per person/$1 shoes
League Bowlers $2.00 per game/per person/$1 shoes
ID Required for Discounted Rates

Cosmic Bowling
8:30p-11:30p, Friday-Sunday
Rates $4.50 per game/per person • Shoe Rental $2.00

No open bowling days during league play thru April 28th, 2020:
Mondays – 4pm – 9:15pm
Tuesdays – 9am – 1:15pm, 4pm – 9:15pm
Thursdays – 11am – 9:15pm

Upcoming Full House Events- No Open Bowling at these times

Jan 18 (saturday) Bowlerettes 9a-2p
Jan 25 (saturday) Benevet 9a-9p
Jan 26 (sunday) Benevet 9a-5:30p
Feb 8 (saturday) BBBS 9a-2p
Feb 23 (sunday) CAUSBC 9a-5p
Feb 29 (saturday) CAUSBC 9a-5p
Mar 7 (saturday) Elks 9a-2p
Mar 21 (saturday) BBBS/BFKS 9a-9p
Mar 22 (sunday) BBBS 9a-5p
Mar 28 (saturday) BBBS 9a-5p
Mar 29 (sunday) BBBS 9a-5p

BIRTHDAY SPECIALS – Call Supervisor (928) 567-7950 for information on how to book your party at Shake, Rattle & Bowl!

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