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Now, you can make watching them at Cliff Castle even more exciting. At our Sportsbook, you can place and make bets on football, basketball, baseball and hockey games, as well as many other sporting events. Pull up a comfy chair and watch the action!

Use our Sportsbook kiosks to place wagers. Follow the instructions on the kiosk and ticket to collect your winnings. It’s that simple! You can place bets anytime during casino hours. If you need assistance, we will have a Sportsbook Team Member available during listed hours.

HOURS: The Sportsbook is open for kiosk betting when the Casino is open.

There are staff onsite 2pm-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-10pm Saturday & Sunday

Download a full set of Sportsbook House Rules here.

Daily $25 WINS $5,000 If All Selections Win Parlay

Follow each game during the day as they play…

How do you win? We have a list of 4-5 teams each day to bet together.  If each team wins on your $25 parlay, you win $5000.

When all selections win, cash out your $25 ticket for $5,025!

See Sportsbook Staff for additional details


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